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About Aalto Books


Aalto Books opened its e-door in 1999, selling direct to specific clients. Every couple of weeks we email the latest books, which we feel our clients would find interesting, directly to a client base of over 4000. They simply email back with which books they would like to order and we send these to them. With this new website we remain an online only bookshop.

Until now we have concentrated on architecture and design books but with the creation of this website we intend to broaden our offering progressively. It is not our intention to become a web giant but rather to concentrate on book categories and clients who seek "better" books. As a consequence the Aalto Books website will never feature every book, from around the world. Instead we aim to provide a service to clients who are interested in quality rather than quantity.

We have built Aalto Books on a personal relationship between the company and its clients. We know most of our clients on a first name basis and they know who I am. It is our desire to maintain this relationship and extend it to new clients. At any time we would love your feedback and suggestions for improvements in our service. Feel free to call me with any enquiries.

I hope you enjoy dealing with Aalto Books and look forward to increasing our book offerings as we go forward.

John Balasoglou